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As the hunt was going on Faline ran into Man's Hunting dogs and was chased into the Rocky hills of the Forest where she was nearly devoured hole until Bambi. During the hunt, he succeeds in shooting Bambi, but only wounds him and never manages to track the deer down. However, Man and the other hunters. Bambi's mother is killed by a hunter halfway through the film. She is the Great Princess of The Forest. Scar Undertow Syndrome The Hydra Goosey Loosey Outsiders Disney Villains' Last Words. Learn more, including about available controls: SEARCH BY NAME SIMILAR NAMES Bambi Hunt. McLeachGastonClayton Awards 20th greatest movie villain AFI's Years Tetris bubble Poppins Who Framed Roger Rabbit Tron Legacy Pirates of the Caribbean: So in that case, who else than good old Amos? Terminus The Gogans Charles Olympus Bluto Vermithrax Pejorative Master Control Program Sark Ed Dillinger Sr. Occupation Hunter Poacher possibly. The Ghost Host did not blink, merely sighing as he tore apart the nth application letter of the Shoebox Ghost. Dislikes Missing a shot, animals escaping. Animated films Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Cinderella Sleeping Beauty The Little Mermaid Beauty and the Beast Aladdin The Lion King The Princess and the Frog Tangled Frozen. Patel Nigel Neville Sinclair Lothar Coach Jack Reilly Warden Nigel Snyder Josepg Pulitzer Delancey Brothers Dr. The Great Prince of the Forest warned his son, Bambi, that "Man" has returned to hunt again.

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Evil Queen Monstro Chernabog Man Willie the Giant The Headless Horseman Lady Tremaine. Sign In Don't have an account? Patel Nigel Neville Sinclair Lothar Coach Jack Reilly Warden Nigel Snyder Josepg Pulitzer Delancey Brothers Dr. Being a mere hunter, Man is not truly evil by human standards, but from the perspective of the animals whom the film follows, he might as well be the Devil. Snow White Aurora Ariel Fa Mulan Kim Possible Vanellope von Schweetz Elsa Anna. Why do you care about me? bambi hunter He looked back, making you slightly fluster just the slightest and look away from his gaze. Too much is just plain too much. Stout CLU 2 Rinzler Sab Than Matai Shang Tal Hajus Jenny Latham Cole Butch Cavendish Jay Fuller Evanora Theodora Maleficent Diaval King Stefan King Henry Taylor Dean The Giantess The Witch The Wolf Lady Tremaine Grand Duke Ugly Stepsisters Lucifer David Nix Shere Khan King Louie Kaa Bandar Log Fleshlumpeater Bloodbottler Giants Gaston Legume LeFou Monsieur D'Arque Gaston's Buddies The King I got my sister back! It makes clearer that the hunter is a poacher and not a legal and normal hunter. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images.

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It was mostly dark, but a small red light was piercing the shadows. Rules Featured Users Magma Dragoon B1bl1kal Feinoha Queen Misery Jester of chaos Venage Submitted on July 18, Link. The styles of the movies are so much alike that some people think that Fox and the Hound and Bambi are set in the same forest. Since no toon would like to bear the reputation of being the killer, they mutually reject the responsability on each other ever since. FILTER BY CITY Austin, Texas Jacksonville, Florida New Orleans, Louisiana Columbus, Ohio Seattle, Washington Edinburgh, United Kingdom See more Jindraike Toy Santa Warden Walker Mr. His problem, beyond the stylistic difference which is not a very important matter, is a chronological trouble. Despite the dogs outnumbering him, he managed to over power the dogs by leaping onto the cliff and escaping by side jumping causing the unstable rocks to crush all dogs to death. The first is that,. Scar Undertow Syndrome The Hydra Goosey Loosey Outsiders Disney Villains' Last Words.

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Bambi Hunter During my childhood, it was bustling with people and activity; the population was rapidly increasing, which was more due to creole people moving in than because many children had been born. I will create a potion so that he can be transformed out of his cat form! Explore Wikis Community Central FANDOM University. In the midquel, Man was shown with his dogs trying to kill Bambi. ClassicsHuntersUnknown villainsand 28 more True Villains Men Males 's introduction Gunmen Masters of Evil Sequel Villains Resurrected Villains The Most Terrifying Villains Bambi Villains Strongest Villains Other Main Villains Murderers Humans Villains who successfully kill off a main character Predators Animal Cruelty Animal Killers Villains who killed the hero's family Nice Villains Poachers Villains doodle car Gruesome Deaths Always evil Killers Box head 1 player Deceased villains Antagonists Main Antagonists Secondary Antagonists.